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Lisa Heinricks

Artist / Writer / Creative Entrepreneur


All Paintings, Commissioned and Custom Work are Available Through Monthly Payments.

I know sometimes Original or Custom Work can be Out of Reach, but it Shouldn't have to be!

I offer a Monthly Payment Plan Using SQUARE, a Secure Payment Service Designed for Small Business and Artists.

( Prices based on 12 months but can be negotiated )



I love the world of Art and I try to incorporate it in everything I do. My biggest influences and inspirations include; Pollock, Rothko, Amy Dryer, Chopra, Emily Carr, Dr. Seuss, the Group of Seven, and movements like Fauvism, Art Nouveau and the Baroque period.


I work in every medium I can get my hands on and am constantly pushing my boundaries both personally and professionally. My personal projects at the moment are, "Through the Mystic", a painting series exploring my roots from the West Coast, two Colouring Books Power Girls and Power Minds and explorations in resin. 

Custom Projects available and include Designer Kitchen Backsplashes, Shelving and Glass. Smaller personal Custom Projects are also available. Examples of all these are under Custom Projects. For more info or a quote please contact me here.



Contact me.

Home base and my sanctuary is Penticton, B.C. Canada. Quiet, hot, riddled with Wineries and one of the most beautiful places I know.....

I love to travel and when I need a little more action than Penticton you will often find me in Calgary or Vancouver or planning something new.


Please feel free to contact me anytime with your thoughts, a project you're working on, or destination idea. I personally answer every email and look forward to hearing from you. 

the Edge

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When you purchase one of my paintings, you become a Patron! This includes Commissioned and Custom work: and it doesn't matter whether you bought directly from me or from a Gallery. Becoming a Patron of mine says many things... you love the piece you just purchased, you appreciate the work involved in creating it, and you understand the dedication I have to my practice. Being the Artist behind the painting also says many things... I am committed to my practice, I will put my best foot forward regardless of life circumstances, and I will continue to learn and grow.


Artist and Patron are two sides to a coin and they cannot be separated. But there is a third side to a coin: the edge. And this edge is the sweet spot of the Patron-Artist Relationship. The edge is the background to my artistic world and I offer it to my Patrons through an Exclusive Newsletter. This gives you access and insight into the randomness of the creative process. You'll also receive some pretty sweet Patron Perks, which include: drawing or painting giveaways, random mail outs of cool things, the inside scoop of projects or creative paths, and one on one access with me -- either at my studio or perhaps at a Museum or Gallery tour if I'm in your town! 


Have you seen a painting of mine you like or want to commission one? It's as easy as contacting me! I offer monthly payments on all my work. 


You can also become a Patron through my Patreon. This is a subscription based program that allows you to make a monthly pledge and that pledge supports the back end of my artistic practice. This is extremely helpful to me and covers the cost of things like painting or product donations to people or organizations I believe in. Your contribution makes a big difference in my life and artistic practice and I am truly grateful for this kind of support. You can check out Patreon here.


If you're not quite ready to purchase a painting or subscribe to my Patreon you can still Sign Up for my Newsletter, its Free! There'll be no extra perks like giveaways, but you'll still get the inside scoop!


Welcome to my Art World…