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Lisa Heinricks


Lisa Heinricks is an established western Canadian multidisciplinary Artist who resides in Victoria, BC. Lisa was born in the late sixties in the then-very remote village of Tofino on Canada's west coast. Her early life began out of a small trailer behind the Co-op Store that her father managed in Ucluelet. These beautiful beginnings were the origins of her love for small, isolated and majestic places - a common theme that runs through her work. 


After graduating high school mostly on the merit of her talent in art classes, Lisa was devastated when she failed art history after much effort at Alberta College of Art. It was a tremendous blow to a young adult whose only desire was to be an artist. Lisa credits the help of an insightful mentor through whom she discovered her dyslexia, and she then plunged determinedly into self-directed studies. As an avid learner, Lisa continues her education to this day, and you will find her work ever-evolving—thick and textured—and always with a touch of solitude and hint of magical remoteness.

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