Commission Portraits


I love painting portraits!

And to make sure I can give you my best, I take on just two commissions each month. This allows me to take my time so that I can feel out all the nuances of the people I'm painting.

How does a commission work?

I always like to start with a phone conversation. I need to understand what you are looking for in your painting, from colour palette, background and painterly feel.

Next, you decide on the size of your painting. Something that can be helpful is taking some masking tape and tape the wall in the spot you want your painting to hang with the size you are considering. I also have a pricing chart below to help you in your decision making.

After we have chatted and you have decided on your painting size, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required. 

On completion of your painting, you have the option of picking it up from my studio or having it shipped.


All Commission Paintings come with Free Shipping and Payment Plans are available. 


Pricing & Size chart.

11" x 14" - One person $900

One person 

18" x 24" - One person $1200

Two people $1600

24" x 36" - One person $1800

Two people $2200 - Three people $2600 

30" x 40" - One person $2400

Two people $2800 - Three people $3200

Four or Five people $3600

commissions by lisa heinricks.jpg


I was moved to tears when I saw what Lisa had created from the little bits and pieces I sent her about our trip and the details that I wanted included in our granddaughter’s portrait.  Lisa took interesting elements from each photo I supplied her and wound them into two unique pieces that went well beyond my expectations. 


Lisa’s body of work speaks for itself but for what it is worth, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with her to anyone, she was so upbeat and pleasant. 


Our artwork arrived on time, on budget and we have two pieces we are very proud to display in our home. 

   - Julie Boyle

Contact me to book your Commission 

Thanks for contacting me, I will get back to you soon!