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The relationship between an Artist and Patron are two sides of a coin that cannot be separated, for, without the Patrons, the Artist can't exist. But there is also the vital and often disregarded side to the coin: the edge. For me, this is the sweet spot where I get to share the personal background of my art world so that you can get to know me and what goes into my work. Whether you're an existing client or considering commissioning me to capture the beauty of your loved ones, or new to the world of original art and thinking about buying your first painting - you'll get to discover up-close the personal background of my artistic world. I'm thrilled to invite you to sign up for my Exclusive Newsletter, the Edge. 

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As a sign-up bonus, you will receive a printable PDF of Chapters One and Two of The Adventures of Captain Awesome. It's a storytelling, colouring extravaganza!

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