I recently came across this post from MindfullMod. Its a great blog...i particularly liked this Mantra. 

I’m not a guru

I’m not an expert

I’m not a health nut

I’m not a saint

I’m not perfect

I’m not a genius

I’m not a follower

I’m not focused on the future

I’m not dwelling on the past

I’m not worrying about what might be

I’m not wondering what might have been

I’m not relying on hope

I’m not worried

I’m present

I’m focused

I’m fearless

I’m driven

I’m devoted

I’m determined

I’m significant

I’m committed

I’m passionate

I’m confident

I’m creative

I’m quietly powerful

I’m beneath no one

I’m living in reality

I’m out to change the world one person at a time.


Check out the rest of the site, its worth it, cheers, lisa