The beginning

In the beginning there was art.....well...possibly. But perhaps there was a whole lot of prepping and planning for that art to happen. Ive been an artist forever it seems but full time on and off for 10 years. Ive never really made tones of money but for some reason I can't do anything else. I often have bad physical reactions to situations I don't want to be involved in. Like a job I its been pretty easy for me to follow my path. The times it gets hard is when the reactions are less extreme. Harder to pick on the nuances and sometimes my judgement gets clouded with justification....which is such a human reaction. But over all, in my 47 years of being on this planet, I have followed the artist path. Or my artist path. Everyone has a path. Its just a matter of learning to listen to that voice. That little intuition that is always there, always gentle, always nudging. 

This blog is about following your path. Finding it, listening to your inner self and follow through. What is important to you? What makes your soul sing! Not who or what do I want to be but how do I find the person I know I am. There is a difference....our world teaches us to be something, be someone. Make goals, reach them at whatever cost, so you can be "successful" and feel important. You are important. You were born important. All you have to do is find that inner connection to who you actually are. If we were actually taught this from day one the world would be sooo different. This is not an easy journey. You will constantly go against the grain, let people down ( in their eyes ), and quite possible not look successful in many peoples eyes......thats ok. I guarantee its a much richer and gentler life. Full of longevity and deep meaningful relationships. 

I've had a few friends ask me to "help" them with life guidelines, rules, what have this blog is for all the people who are wanting to follow their path and need a little guidance. May the force be with you.......

Im going to start with life lesson number one. keep it is so complicated in our world. If something feels too difficult and you get the gut feeling of..."oh god"....maybe don't do the stress worth it? Good question.....sometimes it is. But often i find i have a bad reaction because maybe I'm too tired, or maxed out emotionally, or what have you. Sometimes people push themselves because they don't want to miss out on something, a good time or opportunity. Well i guarantee you there is always another event or party or opportunity.....and if your tired or maxed your gonna miss out anyways. 

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule?  80% of results come from 20% that again. 80% of your success, in everything you do, will come from 20% of what you when your maxed emotionally or physically, or pushing yourself too hard in any way, you are using up incredible resources to find that 20% that will make your life remember that the next time you are tired and push yourself to do something. Your actually making your life more difficult.  

Listen to your inner voice and find your soft spot that says "i need to go home" . Learn to be gentler with yourself and the world will open up for you with ease, not effort.