So today i want to talk about a topic that is very intriguing to me. Introverts verses extroverts. Our world is made for and revolves around extroverts. Yup its true. They get all the attention, schools teach in a way that benefits them the most and the work place model is built on this as well. Its not been done on purpose. But it is a reality and a difficult one to deal with.  Two people have told me about this woman recently, check out her video Susan Cain.

I am lucky to be bi on this. I sit pretty much in the middle.....I need quiet and crazy....

Life rule number 1.6

40 minutes of quiet every day. TURN OFF the TV and your phone, computer etc. If its too hard to just sit, read a gentle book ( not a thriller or political etc.) but do something quiet and soothing. A bath, meditate is the best. But if thats too hard just do you best to sit still and be alone with yourself. And FYI meditation is as simple as sitting alone letting your thoughts come and go but not paying any attention to them....dont judge them just let them go in and out of your head. Other ideas...sit and have a coffee and watch people...sit in a park and listen to the birds....sit in your apartment and watch your fish ( if you have a fish tank ) Sit in your house and watch the fire crackle, look out the window and watch the snow fall.....getting the picture. 

Im not a very punctual person. And i actually like it when people are late. Its the perfect opportunity to sit and be quiet.....there are always little moments to grab for quiet, one just needs to be open to them...depending on where you live on the introvert scale you will need more or less quiet time. Just be creative, it doesn't have to be complicated to steal a little quiet in your day. 

One other thing i do along this vein, is book an evening to do nothing. Schedule it in if you have to. You can always go out and do something if you want but if you have an evening booked for nothing and you need it, then perfect. 

Each person is different and we all need different levels of quiet and alone time. But i cannot emphasize how important this is. I dont know about you but if im not getting enough quiet time im kinda bitchy....my tolerance for mistakes gets smaller, im short with people, i cant concentrate, etc. Its simply not worth it. Simplicity is one of the keys to a fulfilling life. By not getting enough quiet time im making my life complicated......a complicated life is confusing and adds a chaotic vibration. Who needs it. Its draining.....