Six Important Life Points

Some one told me recently that i wasn't a typical artist. Probably true. I have a lot of "rules", things i live by. I dont set out looking for rules, but im a deep thinker and human behaviour fascinates me. 

I grew up with a major amount of instability. My parents had drug and alcohol problems and i was shuffled around a lot. School sucked in general but it really sucked when my mom and step dad were up all night partying. Then i would get reprimanded for being late....that always pissed me off. Im not going to bore you with all the stupid things my parents did. But what i will say is that their bad behaviour actually helped me as an all the therapy....

Rules, guidelines are important to me. They keep me grounded. When my life is out of control, im sad or life just throws a curve ball, which it will, then i can go back to my rules and stay on track.  I like to read self help books like Deepak, or any number of books that will help me be a better person. Make me think about life more openly or give me a new perspective. This book is great... The 80 / 20 Individual. By Richard Koch.

Thanks to my parents for being such dumb asses, i decided at a very young age to not do what they did, to better myself and always strive to be a better person. Its not an easy path. Always learning, always challenging my own belief system, constant change. But i can honestly say i love my life. I have very few regrets and im living my dream. And all because of my rules!

I read somewhere, i cant remember where sorry, that to live a fulfilling life we need the following things. 

  • certainty
  • uncertainty
  • critical significants
  • connection, love
  • grow
  • contribute

This is a great place to start with when looking at the big picture and wondering what your own rules will be. As a daily practice and a life practice these 6 points are spectacular. If i can remember the book ill post it. But it doesn't matter where you start, just start making your own life  guidelines / rules. Just start. Chances are you probably have some and dont even know. Write them down, make a list. Whats important to me, what are my needs, what are the things i do in a day that make me happy? Start your list, then just keep refining it. There is no greater challenge or reward in life than trying to be a better person.