One of the things i struggle with is detail. I'm a detail sometimes if you ask me how i do something i'll get going on a rant about this colour or that technique.....then i suddenly see your eyes glaze over.....oh oh. Too much detail. Its kinda funny, in most cases its all good....

But Sometimes its not good. When my life gets out of control or overwhelming and im painting, i get caught up in the details and cant move forward. Its a kind of a default control i go into to deal with stress. But then what happens is the details have more details and so a downward spiral begins.....this can happen in life too. I wanna do x but i cant until this gets done or that gets done. It can actually be debilitating. A kind of overload and then the flow of energy stops and nothing actually gets done. 

When i get in these modes i do one of two things. I start a painting of great detail. Like one of my Romantics. Then i can get all OCD on myself and it will work to my benefit. If its a life situation i go for a walk or workout to clear my head and get energy moving. The problem i find isnt that im procrastinating, its that im stuck and i dont know how to unstick myself. So solution, movement. Im a very physical person so i can't sit still at the best of times, so working out is my default. But if your not then do something you like or enjoy greatly. Cooking, baking, clean the house, be creative. Not TV, shopping, drinking...these are distractions and will take you away form yourself and not into yourself. This is very important. The point is to breath, slow down, so that you can centre your true being with this world and then you can be apart of the world and the driver in the world you want to create for yourself. The more distracted you get the more control you want and ultimately the less control you will have and nothing will get done.

So solution to procrastination ( or delving into details to to find control ) ......movement. Any kind of movement that gets your energy going. Dont think about it, dont try to find a solution, just go to your new found default of movement. Breath, and let the solution come to you. Sometimes it takes me a couple days to get my shit together to do this...but it always works.