Figuring it out

Something incredibly awesome happened lately....A bunch of things started coming together. Things that i didnt even know were connected suddenly became connected. I discovered Chris Guillebeau. I dont know Chris and i cant even remember how i discovered him but i love his brain! He has taken all the things i believe in and wrote it all down in a nice organized easy to read way. If i was a writer my goal would be to do what he is doing......i might become a decent writer one day but lets be a great painter not a writer....but thats ok.  

I read Deepak regularly....he keeps me calm. And i love Tim Ferriss and all his craziness. I would never wanna meet Tim...he's too out there for me. I think he is on the introvert extravert scale, possible a complete extravert....those people are awesome but eventually stress me out. But the world needs them!! Chris Guillebeau takes the best of Deepak and Lifestyle design ( him and Tim have similar views on this ) and makes a nice introverted package of it. Sweet!!!

People often think im a extrovert but im actually not. So as much as i love what Tim has to say...its too much for me. I dont want to be famous in a way that puts me in the spot light, a little is ok. But i freak out in crowds, get nervous in front of a camera, public speaking is a form of torture to me and i hate being stared at.....good god!! I just want to follow my passion and paint for a living, be nice to people, help build community and travel.....and a cute girlfriend is always a bonus....but i digress. 

So the big question i struggle with do i take my passion of painting, help people with it, build community around it and make people happy? I suddenly have a plan! Thanks Chris! You helped my organize my dyslexic brain.....

Im not going to talk about my plan today, but i will say, if you are the kind of person who wants a gentler life and are looking for a way to take your passion or a passion of yours and live your life by it, then a highly recommend reading Chris's manifesto on World Domination. It helped me put all my thoughts together and figure things out. Maybe it can help you too. Happy reading!