Slow down

This past week Ive been very sick with some weird chest cold thats been going around. It's forced me to slow down to a pace that is like a snail. But I've finished my move, am all settled into my place and studio so there has been nothing to do but give in.....and i have. Its actually been great. Not the sick part, but the slowing down part. Ive had to slow my life down to accommodate this cold but the weird thing is its been incredibly relaxing. 

I was in Mexico this past xmas / new years for 3 full weeks. I chose a little island with very few options and stayed at the same place. It was one of the most relaxing experiences i have every had. I found a rhythm and routine that consisted of yoga, biking, beaching, food, live music and amazing people.  I don't think i have ever been that relaxed in my entire life....

Coming home was incredibly hard. It felt so busy to the point where i dont think i was functioning on all four cylinders.....all i could think about was trying to get back to that place of relaxation. I decided somewhere over our disgusting winter that i was going to live my life that way. Where ever i lived or whatever i did, i wanted to mimic as much as possible that relaxed state of being. There has to be a way to live in our world, with all my goals and dreams, and still be in a relaxed state of being. So i had a new life goal! Be a famous artist and live a relaxed and present life. 

Living a slow relaxed life isnt for everyone. And i certainly like my crazy nights out. But if i can fill my daily routine with easy and calmness then i know im a better person at the end of the day. A hectic daily routine creates chaos in my mind. Im the type of person who doesn't do well with that. To be creative i need calmness and presence. 

I'm a big believer in the work of Deepak Chopra. Flaky to some, but he combines eastern and western philosophy with such ease and grace that you can't help but learn from him and his teachings. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, are my foundation. I have been working on this way of life, first reading this book about 4 years ago. I grew up with my father's attitude of "life is hard" hammered in my head my whole life and believe me, trying to undo and re-learn from that has been an uphill battle. One book that helped me a tone for rebuilding my brain is SuperBrain. Again by Deepak and co written by Rudolphe E. Tanzi. This book explains so much from a science point of view and puts things in ways that a non scientist can learn form. If you want practical ways to change old tapes this book will help. I love it. 

Changing our way of being is really hard. There is no doubt. It requires a commitment to ourselves, our being, our soul. Committing your life to your life is the most challenging thing you can ever do. But there is nothing more rewarding than walking through the world knowing you are trying to be the best you can be with grace, ease and love. I challenge everyone to this life!