10 Rules to live by

Ive been thinking quite a bit these days of the basics of building a happy life. What can we live with and what can we live without. What makes a person feel safe and secure and what is just an illusion of security. 

I lived in this crazy tiny apartment for a year. 200 sq ft. shared bathroom.....never thought i would move into a situation like that....but the landlord was amazing and i didnt want to live with anyone. I also didnt want to live alone. A bit of a contradiction i know. But its amazing how you get to know your neighbours when you share a bathroom.......it was the perfect situation for that time in my life. I still had my studio of course. And i used the extra space in my studio to store most of my apartment stuff. All i had in this apartment was only what i needed to live comfortably. A couch, a bed, a closet with the clothes i wore regularly, 2 cups, 2 plates, one frying pan, one pot, 2 wine glasses, of course, and a few paintings on the wall. I could not have made my life more simple unless i was backpacking....which is great practice for living simply by the way.....

What was wonderful about this simple life was i had way more time for the things that were important at that time. It was a tough time in my life and really needed solitude and as few distractions as possible. When there are no distractions like, entertaining, dressing up, cleaning the house, watching TV, taking long baths, making elaborate dinners, etc etc. the usual things we do in this world, the extra time i gained from not doing these things was huge.......

What did i do with all this gained time....i sat....meditated.....sat some more....wrote my thoughts down. It was actually incredible difficult to spend so much time alone. But it was one of the most healing and reflective times Ive had. I discovered a lot of things about myself. What was important and what wasn't......

I also gained specific knowledge into the things that we need as humans to function well. None of which is rocket science and all of it we already know. But to write it down and see it is powerful. It's particularly powerful when things are tough and we start to fall into bad or unhealthy habits. We are all human and we all dip into grey zones of life constantly, thats just human nature. But when we have a list we can reference whenever we need we can swing back on track quicker and easier.

Here are my 10 Rules to live by. 

  1. drink 1 litre ( or close ) of water first thing in the morning. After you brush your teeth and before coffee. 
  2. eat breakfast, even if its a small breakfast. 
  3. eat a lunch a snack and dinner. 
  4. under eat slightly 2 or 3 times a week at your biggest meals. Just a little.
  5. eat only until your full, don't over eat.
  6. binge eat once a week.
  7. sleep 7 hours a night at least. 
  8. over sleep once a week.
  9. take 20 minutes a day to yourself in silence. Listen to the birds, have a bath, watch the fire. Meditation. Cant do it...no problem....take 3-5 minutes 4-6 times a day. At the least 3 minutes at a time 3 times a day. Once silence starts to enter your life you will want more and will naturally continue. 
  10. exercise for 20 minutes 6 days a week. Even if its stretching in front of the TV.

Most of these things we have all heard repeatedly....but many people still don't do them. Like eating breakfast. I guarantee when these 10 basics are covered, everything else seems easier. When we are taking care of our temple we are sending a message to our brain. "You are important, you are worth it and i will take care of you. " Think about what messages your saying when you don't take care of your body......you brain will interpret your actions. Choose them well.....