New Habits

Well 2015 is in full swing....people are making resolutions, straightening out there lives, getting gym memberships, de-cluttering etc....all good things. But will you stick to these resolutions....

Creating resolutions or simply wanting to make changes are great things to do. And to live a fulfilling life we need to make changes and create new goals. But why do so many people fall back into their old habits and not pull through on their goals. HABITS. 

Habits are the key to reaching new goals. You can make all the lists you want, check off when things are done, go to the gym more, eat better, but when we fall off the wagon and fall back into our old habits it because we haven't created our new habits. 

Creating new habits actually takes effort and work but it can be done with grace and ease. To create a new habit from scratch is much easier, but to make an old habit change is actually quite hard. Take a gym membership for example. Most active people go to a gym or have a trainer or go to yoga, etc. But how many stick to there fitness all year. Approximately 1/3 of people stop there desired fitness program before the end of January. Thats pretty high....and expensive. 

The biggest thing I've learnt to create new habits is too not go in 100%. Sounds counter productive but I know if i get overwhelmed ill quit... During december i decided to let go of my good eating habits and eat what i wanted, not worring about putting on weight. So at the end of the month I put on 7 was actually nice not caring. Im not a fanatic about my diet, but i do love to feel healthy and fit and look good. So i monitor what i eat. Ive created habits of not over eating, cooking my own food, no fast food etc. and i like good quality deserts, like organic dark chocolate etc. So when i decided to let go this december is was really relaxing. And because of my good habits i dint actually put on much weight...

So here we are in January and im back on the health track like everyone else and need to get back to my good habits. Cold turkey of not having that chocolate cupcake when i want it, or an extra helping of the dinner i just made is gonna be hard. And sometimes will power isn't enough. So how do i get back to my good not jumping in 100%. Im going to stick to my healthy eating habits on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The other 4 days ill do what ive been doing all December. I know that when i start to feel great and fit again ill want to adjust my three days. Maybe add another or create 3 cheat meals a week or some variation. 

The point is, when creating habits, whether its going back to old habits that worked or changing new ones, the best approach is organic.  Fighting yourself and beating yourself up actually creates bad habits in your brain, in your self talk, and makes it harder to reach your goals. Start small, reach those goals, you'll feel great about yourself, then once that habit is in place add to it. If like me you want to eat better and 3 days seems to hard, start with 2. Its not failure to not have the will power to do something 100% right off the bat. Even if you do have the will power, its easier on your body to take your time, watch yourself grow and change and feel the changes one step at a time. We are a complete vessel. So when we approach change that helps us, body, mind and soul, we create habits that stick for life. 

Happy New Year!