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NEW Beginnings

I'm very excited to delve into my latest series “Through the Mystic” and explore what feels like a new chapter in my ever evolving life. A fresh, new beginning...

A nurse log is a fallen tree that gives life to another tree as well as other plants. This ecological facilitation happens in spite of itself, and for itself. As the fallen tree decays, it provides nutrients, water and disease protection to other species—thus benefiting all—or at the very least benefiting one with no harm to the other. This process is extraordinarily beautiful and appears to go against what we were taught through the Darwinian model of “survival of the fittest” which implies everything is in competition with each other. As our quality of life has improved and we’ve become less competitive with each other for our basic needs, we’re learning that our survival is based on the acceptance and cooperation of each other and all living things. Only recently is the concept of ecological facilitation taking biology in a new and more accurate direction. We’re now beginning to recognize that the biological concept precedent set over 200 years ago is destroying our planet and thus ourselves.

Ecological facilitation or probiosis (which is an association of two organisms that enhances the life processes of both) is in fact the only way for our species to survive. It is only through cooperation and positive interaction that we will maintain our place on this planet. If we take this teaching and apply it to our individual selves, we have a beautiful reflection of our true being. Like the nurse log, my past nurtures my future; my lessons are the food that feeds my growth and maturity is the protector that keeps me evolving.

I am now fully grounded into my 50’s and have just met the love of my life. Actually, she is a second great love for me—my first having passed away from breast cancer when I was in my 30’s. I recognize how deeply lucky I am. To have had one great love is not an easy thing, and to have two is close to a miracle. In between these two great loves, I’ve had different kinds of relationships which filled some of my emotional gaps. One relationship healed the security gap, whilst another filled my need for spontaneity and fun. Watching someone you love die is not an easy thing to recover from; and I’m fully aware of the impact this has had on my being as well as all those who were a part of it. They say time is a great healer; but that’s a bend on the truth. We need to do the hard work required to initiate the healing; and then go through the extremely slow and painfully hard healing process. And over time we (hopefully) get better at the process, and the pain transforms itself into eventual new growth.

“New Beginnings” is the second painting in this series and features a beautiful sapling being nurtured by a nurse log and protected by the forest canopy. Each experience I have is like the new growth birthing itself from the old, being nurtured and protected along the way. All my experiences are enjoined and have amassed into one large forest. I am continually being shaped, while also affecting everything else. New seedlings sprout and through probiosis, change the very core of the forest. A kind of mutuality where one cannot survive without the experiences; and yet the experiences literally change the forest floor. Changes which are often difficult and painful, but necessary for the forest’s continued existence.

This painting is sold but you can be added to my waiting list for the next available tree painting, please contact me directly. Thanks,

- lisa

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