Power Minds

Welcome to Power Minds - a creative way to power down and quieten your mind so that you can re-centre and access your purest self. Our lives are busier than ever, and often even when we're taking a moment of quiet for ourselves, our minds are still full and active, sidetracked by the constant connection to our devices. Unplug and let this Power Minds colouring journal be your creative companion as you power down your mind, distill your thoughts and re-centre. Inside, you'll discover 12 hand-drawn images for you to colour, and after each one, there are pages where you can doodle and journal.

Colouring Book / Journals

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The book before Power Minds

This book is meant to be an exercise in simplicity. Colouring to calm the mind and basic geometrical shapes to remind us that everything can be broken down into it's basic parts and explained.