Creative Experiments and a Colouring Frenzy!

Creative Experiments

For most of my life, I've been a curiosity nerd. I love to delve into things and figure out all the nuances. This is probably the biggest reason why I became an artist. I get to start a project, see where it leads and then jump into the next step, not exactly knowing the outcome or even caring how it turns out. It's the process that's so fascinating to me. 

Here in Power Projects, you will see these experiments and their outcomes first hand. Some of these experiments may have good results, and I will pass on these items to you!! For example, I made a couple of resin ashtrays...who doesn't need a resin ashtray! Disclaimer: DO NOT USE FOR SMOKING


Colouring Frenzy

Drawing and designing patterns is another part of Power Projects and is one of my favourite practices. I love to start my day with a coffee, my iPad and drawing, or for me, meditation. 


I've focused these drawings and into colouring pages and here are the directions I'm going in:


  • Power Girls - Colouring pages of Inspirational Women. "Bridging the gap of female representation one crayon at a time." 


  • Power Minds - Colouring pages of Sacred Geometry and Reductionism. "A creative way to power down and quieten your mind so that you can re-centre and access your purest self." 

  • Captain Awesome - A female superhero who doesn't wear high heels or wear a push-up bra!!

  • Curiosity Pages - Random additional colouring pages that include seasonal patterns and nature. 

Become a Member

To fuel my curiosity and bring to you cool things, I've started a Patreon account for my Colouring and Curiosity. It's called Power Projects - Creative Experiments and a Colouring Frenzy!


Patreon is a monthly subscription that gives you access to what I'm doing and monthly rewards for your support. As a Patron, you will have access to the private Patreon feed, where I will post what I'm doing and how it has gone down. Good or bad. 


I'd love to see you join me on Patreon! I have 3 subscriptions for you to choose from, depending on the reward you want. All 3 subscriptions get you into the Private Patreon feed, and everyone has access to participate. 

  • $5 will get you 3 colouring images a month.

  • $10 you will receive creative experiments mailed to your door!

  • $15 gets you both the colouring and creative experiments.


I encourage you to become a member and subscribe to my Patreon, where you can reap the rewards of this new and fun direction. Your support will help shape what I do and bring to fruition all the curiosity I can muster. Plus, you will receive cool stuff in the process!



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